Terms of Service

This agreement is provided so that there should be a proper relation maintain between GraciousTech with its customer on how they have to deal with the data present on the website.

There are certain points which are part of this agreement and are mandatory to be followed by everyone who enters into business relation with the company-

Quotation and estimates

The estimates provided once will be valid for 30 days and then after that will be revised. Proper quotation form is needed to be submitted if the quotation is to be accepted and the estimated provided should also be formalized by both parties before making order final.


The payment should be within 15 days on receipt of invoice. If there will be delay in the payment, customer will have to pay interest on the value stated by the government. If by any reason the payment is not received then the consultant has to provide all that.


If the good or services are delivered, then only seven days are provided to reject in case not found up to the mark. If there is no response within seven days, article is deemed to be accepted.


All confidential information provided shall not be disclosed to any other party and it should be followed as per the agreement between GraciousTech and the receiving Party. They cannot disclose any information until agreed in writing.

Intellectual property rights

All the codes developed by GraciousTech software will remain its own property until the licence is issued by GraciousTech or is given in writing by GraciousTech.


The term warranty covers all the claims that are included in the agreement. The parties can claim everything that has been discussed among them in communication without any limitations. There are certain warranties that are applied for particular purpose like merchantability, title, non infringement and fitness.

Liability limitations

The liability f both the parties applies according to the agreement and will not exceed the cost paid. If there is any damaged caused which was already advised to take care then party cannot ask for their claim.


The content claimed by the client should be taken care of. The company needs to supply the same material as mentioned in the quotation and agreed by the client. The content asked should be checked properly that they fall under the law. If any content is already present with GraciousTech software, then the content should be changed and checked according to client before delivery.


If quotation is once made final and client wish to cancel it. Then client has to pay for the work completed till date and there is also minimum limit of payment as 30% value of signed quotation.


The client will have the permission to use all the copies, logos, graphics, name and other material supplied by the company. Supply of all these to client is the way of providing the permission and giving company the authority that they can use it.


Using the given permission with full rights grants them the copyright that they are free to use the material purchased by them as they have given payment for the same. If there is any loss or damage the company will take any responsibility.


The agreement between two parties can be terminated at any point of time with 60 days of notice period. If any party is found breaching, then the agreement terminated immediately. The consultant pays the money in case of termination.

Non-Hire and Non-Solicitation

During the agreement or 1 year later, both parties will not recruit, induce or make any type of relationship with any advisor or consultant without taking permission from the other party. Doing so will lead to breaking of agreement.

Majeure force

Non of the party will be liable for filling the loss caused by war, fire or any of the act of nature that is beyond the control of both the parties. Such a loss will be divided among both of them to repay.

Completion of work

The time that is offered as limit of delivering the work should be met on time. Failing so will lead to paying of extra money as penalties.

Law in case of dispute

The things mentioned in the agreement shall be governed by the law of state and all the dispute will be solved under that law only.


There is always rights that any party can offer their part of work load to any subcontractor.

Changes to terms and condition

The terms and condition written can be amended at any time without any prior notice so it is advisable to visit site regularly. Once a party is accepting any terms and condition will be taken as acceptance of changes made in the terms and condition too. Last Updated : 15th July 2015

Contact us about Terms and Conditions

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We will look into any complaints received in writing and do our best to resolve them with you as quickly as possible.