A website redesigning is quite necessary for online business. The online marketers give importance to the SEO momentum, but pay very less attention towards website redesign. So what is actually the website redesign and how it helps the website to grow in the digital world.

Here in this article we will discuss how and when redesigning a website. There are some easy steps to be followed for this to get the best benefit out of it.

At first you have to see whether or not your site at all needs a redesign.

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A fact is that a site may need to be redesigned at any point of time. Not necessarily any site will not need to be redesigned till some specific years of time. So feel the requirement of redesigning the site is the foremost thing.

A site should be Google-friendly, user-friendly, easy to handle, simple to operate, should be fast enough and would be organized. The site which lacks those qualities should need a redesign. Website redesign is nothing but making it more effective to work and function.

So it is better to go for website redesigning when you feel:

  1. The site is not Google-friendly. It is very significant for any site to be Google-friendly to work in a digital world. So always make sure that your site should be currently in line with SEO best practices. You need to make significant changes to make it Google-friendly. A website redesigning can bring it up to speed.
  2. The site is not User-friendly. The most important thing is to ensure that the users should find the experience of visiting your site. Google may be a reason, but you have to consider each and every factor to make it effective. Often people do not visit the website which is not optimized for mobile, slow in performance and difficult to navigate. So care should be taken to build your website better. May be it is a time for a redesign.
  3. Your company is re-branding. Sometimes the whole company goes for a change in visual identity. The brand and product all changes. That is the best time to redesign your website so as to build it update to match with the look and the new brand.
  4. Some more vital business changes: Apart from the aforesaid changes there may be some other changes being made to your site. The changes are like migrating to a new platform or a new server. That is also a very good time for redesigning as it needs a lot of changes anyway.

The first step in a website redesign is to gather data. It is more about the data than the designing aspect. So choose the best color palettes, images and layout users are most responsive to. The intention here is to receive the most traffic. Always remember Google-friendly site is a user-friendly site. 

Secondly, you should do proper research to know which sites are the sources of your most organic traffic. You can narrow down the most valuable pages to regulate and keep a track on them. Thus, you can come to know the effect of the changes in your regular traffic patterns.

Our website design service will not only be attractive but they will improve the experience of the visitors and customers as well.

Apart from the Traffic to the website the other most important thing that should be taken care of is the Link juice. Your site traffic and reputation both depend on its inbound links.

Just compile a list of the pages which are no longer in use, and discard the old useless things simply out of your site to make it light, smart, quick and function properly. Remove Away the Outdated Content and make it handy.

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